Oak+Tower is a multidisciplinary design and consulting firm with partners in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Silicon Valley.

Our company was founded not far from the banks of the Mississippi, and we have a skill set as wide and as deep as its waters. For the better part of a decade, we’ve crafted brands and constructed web presences for a wide array of clients. We design. We build. We analyze. We give good advice to nice folks who are trying to get their ideas off the ground. Plus, we're a pretty fun group to grab a beer with. When our clients do well, we do well, and that's how we run our business.

We understand that building a phenomenal product isn’t easy, and we don't want anyone to tell you otherwise. It takes talent, taste, and a ton of hard work. But it also takes a few things that not enough people talk about: a passion for your trade that is absolute; a bedrock adherence to doing things the right way; and a grand vision about how we—as human beings—should interact with our environments. We promise you all of these things.


  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • packaging
  • signage
  • brochures
  • posters
  • calligraphy


  • websites
  • e-commerce
  • hosting
  • email
  • analytics
  • photography
  • presentations


  • creation
  • collateral
  • naming
  • standards


  • campaign management
  • web, tv, print, radio
  • social media
  • metrics


  • econometric analysis
  • data collection
  • data cleaning
  • consulting

Ready to rock and roll?

Shoot an email to hello@oakandtower.com or call us at 337.366.1655. And be sure to like us on Facebook and
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